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Matters needing attention when connecting tractor and semi-trailer

The tractor should pay attention to the connection between the tractor and the semi-trailer in the process of connecting, mainly in the connection between the traction seat and the traction pin and the electrical road.

The connection of the saddle to the traction pin

Before connection, carefully check whether there is enough grease on the tractor saddle board and whether there are other foreign matters on the semi-trailer's traction pin and traction slide board to ensure the cleanliness of the traction slide board.

1. Adjust the supporting leg so that the semi-trailer traction slide is suitable for the height of the traction saddle. Generally, the semi-trailer traction slide is 1-3 cm lower than the central position of the upper plane of the tractor traction saddle. Otherwise sometimes not only can not be connected, but also can damage the traction seat, traction pin and related parts.

2. Operate the traction seat locking mechanism to make the locking block open in a free state.

3. When the tractor backsteps, the center line of the tractor and the semi-trailer shall keep consistent, and the deviation of the center line of the two vehicles shall be limited to less than 40 mm. After the tractor saddle is aligned with the traction pin, reverse slowly until the "click" sound is heard. When the block is locked back, the tractor and the semi-trailer are successfully pulled.

4. Check whether the traction seat lock block locks the traction pin and whether it locks firmly.

5. Move the tractor forward slightly and check the connection condition

The tractor is connected to the electric circuit of the semi-trailer

1. Connect the two tracheal joints (commonly known as handshakes) on the tractor to the two tracheal joints on the semi-trailer. At this point, the air supply pipeline of the tractor is connected to the air supply pipeline of the semi-trailer, and the control pipeline of the tractor is connected to the control pipeline of the semi-trailer (note the color of the connector: install it in the same color, do not install it in reverse).

2. After the air joints are connected with each other, the semi-trailer air connection and separation switch on the traction vehicle should be unscrewed to make it in a ventilated state. Otherwise, air supply to the semi-trailer brake system cannot be provided and the brake system cannot work.

3. Start the engine, observe the barometer in the cab, and raise the pressure in the air storage tank of the tractor and semi-trailer to the required pressure.

4. Check whether there is air leakage in the air path and check whether the braking system is working normally.

5. Insert the cable connection plug of the tractor into the seven-hole socket at the front of the semi-trailer until it is stuck on the seven-hole bolt block.

6. Check whether the electrodes are connected well, and confirm whether the side lights, taillights and other lights are working normally.

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