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Maintenance of single shaft traction seat

1. During primary maintenance, check all parts of traction seat, especially the wear of traction pin, traction pin board and semi-horizontal shaft, and lubricate these parts; Tighten the supporting seat screws and replace them if necessary; Adjust the fit gap between the lock hook and the traction pin.

2. When disassembling the traction seat, check whether there are cracks and serious wear on the traction seat body. If there are cracks or serious wear that make the traction seat become too thin or deformed, replace it with a new part; Check the keyhole, can be used as traction pin for testing, if the excessive wear leads to large clearance, can be surfacing welding and processing to the required size to repair, can also replace the lock hook, lock block and wear ring repair; Check the fit gap between the support and the body. If the fit is loose, replace the rubber elastic sleeve. Both sides should be replaced together. Check lock mechanism, take off hang and connect hang should be smooth and straightforward, safety device should be stable and reliable, check insurance mechanism, if spring elasticity is weakened, should be replaced with a new piece.

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