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Common classification of vehicle Bridges

Drive axle 

Drive axle is generally composed of the main reducer, differential, wheel drive device and drive axle housing. Its function is to fold the power from the universal transmission device through a 90° Angle, change the transmission direction of the force, and reduce the speed of the main reducer, increase the torque, through the differential distribution to the left and right half shaft and drive wheel.

To bridge    

The steering bridge refers to the vehicle bridge that undertakes the steering task. The front axle of a car is the steering axle. Four wheel steering car front and rear Bridges, are steering Bridges. It USES the steering knuckle in the axle to deflect the wheels at both ends to a certain Angle, so as to realize the steering of the car. At the same time, it also bears the car's vertical load, lateral force, braking force and so on. 

For front wheel drive vehicles and all-wheel drive vehicles, the front axle has to turn and transfer power, so it is called a steering drive axle.

The common rear-wheel drive vehicle, the front axle does not transfer power, but is responsible for steering. It is both a steering bridge and a driven bridge. This steering bridge, the use of non - independent suspension, is the overall bridge; With independent suspension, is the disconnect bridge.

Follow up the bridge

The rear axle is the one behind the car. If the vehicle is driven by the front bridge, then the rear bridge is just a follow-up bridge, only to carry the role.

If the front axle is not a drive axle, then the rear axle is a drive axle. At this time, in addition to the load bearing function, it also plays the role of driving and deceleration as well as differential speed. If it is four-wheel drive, a transfer actuator is usually installed in front of the rear axle.

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