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Taian chenghui machinery manufacturing specializing in the production of semi-trailer accessories

Our company specializes in the production of semi-trailer parts and other semi-trailer auto parts, and the production and sales of various auto parts. The product quality is outstanding, the comprehensive entity enterprise, is the many automobile production factory's spare parts fixed point supply unit.

Taian chenghui machinery manufacturing co., LTD., good technology and complete equipment, economic and practical products cheap. The company produces CNC welding and cutting equipment, small and medium-sized press, spare parts cutting, welding, stamping die production equipment, and training the actual operation technology. Auto parts products semi-trailer saddle traction seat, traction seat shell, the overall balance beam, faw chassis, heavy truck chassis welding parts, low prices and good quality, sincerely recruit agents around the country. We welcome friends from all walks of life to come to our company for guidance and cooperation.

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